Monday, September 15, 2014

New: "An Affair of Light" Photo Book

My new photo book, "An Affair of Light", was released this morning. The 48-page book features dramatic images where light is the key element in each photograph. Sunrise and sunset shots are complemented by night photography and images made during the golden hours of early morning and late afternoon. 

Life here in the Southwest - and photography - is an affair of light. It’s bold and strong and in your face. It strikes early through your bedroom window and claws at your eyes on the way to work. Time spent outdoors, which is the gift of the West, is both a warm embrace of the sun and a sunscreen-armored battle to protect yourself from its deadly rays. Nothing is purely good or purely evil. 

Of course I travel, by car and aircraft and train, and that brings me to places where the light has other shadows and nuances. Cities come alive at night, the Pacific Northwest tries to hide its light in clouds, oceans retell the story of the skies above and Sierra snows soften mountain days.

Each image we take is defined by the character of the light at the moment we press the shutter. If we wait patiently and are lucky, we may find that perfect moment of light. It’s that perfect moment we lust after, the rare beauty we fall in love with, the affair of light we keep coming back to. 

Please take a look. It's available as a print or eBook, with a full preview, here. Prints of each of these images in the book are available on my website at